CEPA elects new Board

During the statutory annual meeting of the General Assembly, CEPA members elected a new Board for the period 2023-2027.

Before proceeding to the vote, two departing Board members, Serge Simon (Edialux) and Alain van Lidth de Jeude (Rentokil), were thanked for their dedication to the Association over several decades and offered tokens of appreciation.

With the exception of these two, all previous Board members were re-elected and are now joined by David Cross from Rentokil and Alex Ashmore from Pelsis. It is, however, anticipated that Michael Kahlo (APC AG) will retire towards the end of this year.

Therefore, the Board is now composed of the following members:

  • COMPANY MEMBER:                 Marc Aubry (Ecolab) – Service provider
  • COMPANY MEMBER:                     Michael Kahl (APC) – Service provider
  • COMPANY MEMBER:                 Håkan Kjellberg (Anticimex) – Service provider
  • COMPANY MEMBER:                 David Cross (Rentokil) – Service provider
  • COMPANY MEMBER:                 Alex Ashmore (Pelsis) – Manufacturer/Distributer
  • COMPANY MEMBER:                 Gabrielle Cor (Liphatec) – Manufacturer/Distributer
  • ASSOCIATION MEMBER:           Monica Biglietto (ANID) – Italy
  • ASSOCIATION MEMBER:           Rune Bratland (SkaBra) – Norway
  • ASSOCIATION MEMBER:           Manuela Cordeiro (GROQUIFAR) – Portugal
  • ASSOCIATION MEMBER:           Philip Cranley (IPCA) – Ireland
  • ASSOCIATION MEMBER:           Jorge Galvan (ANECPLA) – Spain
  • ASSOCIATION MEMBER:           Brigitte Guillot (CS3D) – France

Subsequently, the newly-elected board of directors reappointed Marc Aubry and Monica Biglietto as President and Vice-President, respectively. Marc Aubry will also act as interim treasurer until a new candidate is elected in September. The change in treasurership is also an opportunity to consider how to streamline certain aspects of the financial management. Rentokil has kindly offered to continue providing support to the book-keeping, as in recent years (for which thanks!).

The last couple of years have seen many positive change in the Association thanks to the motivated and proactive leadership of the Board. Let’s wish ostensibly the same group of people the best of luck in continuing the good work so far; there are many business-critical challenges ahead and the Association must seize the opportunities for our sector through clear, focused leadership!